How to quickly disable Symantec Endpoint Protection

On some of our local site servers, I have come across issues with SEP where the definitions are out of date. When you try and run a live update, it claims that its already running. If left updates would stop.

Normally, this could be resolved by a restart of the server, but if you don’t fancy restarting the server, or cant get the downtime, you can run this quick command.

Make sure no Symantec windows are open, if they are this will stop it from closing down.

Run>smc -stop


You will need to have administrator privileges on the device, a CMD box will appear then disappear. (Symantec services have now stopped)

To start Symantec again.

Run>smc -start

Leave it to start up for 5 minutes, then run live updates, and you should find it is all up-to date with the latest definitions and working fine again.

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